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Pile of Dust

Not Just Something To Clean: 15 Facts About Dust

Here at Hughes Environmental we deal with dust every day, where it ranges from cleaning commercial ducts to combustible dust remediation. We’ve encountered dust created by all types of materials and manufacturing processes, and know that there is more to dust than most people think. … Read More


A New Industry Brings New OSHA Combustible Dust Fines

Since it began being used over 60 years ago the process of Hydraulic Fracturing, better known as Fracking, has changed the Oil and Gas Industry. It is a technique that has gained notoriety and caused controversy, but has been used … Read More

Aluminum Wheel Dust Fire

Most Controversial Projects Report Includes Combustible Dust

We’ve previously talked about the catastrophic aluminum dust explosion that took place in a Chinese plant that manufactured automotive wheels. This explosion killed over 140 workers and injured hundreds more, and was powerful enough to blow two huge holes in … Read More

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