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How Fireworks Use Combustible Metals

A favorite American tradition is to stare into the sky and watch fireworks explode overhead; Fourth of July just wouldn’t be the same without these brilliant displays. While watching these fireworks we don’t stop to think about what is actually … Read More

Dust Explosion At Taiwan Concert Caused By Corn Starch

We deal with preventing combustible dust explosions every day, but these are almost always in industrial or manufacturing buildings.  It is rare for a severe dust explosion to occur outside or somewhere that doesn’t produce dust as part of a … Read More

OSHA provided new guidance on the combustible dust NEP

OSHA Provides Update For Combustible Dust NEP

Ever since OSHA released the Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program in 2007 it has shown the importance of safely handling combustible dusts. As more information is learned about the properties of different combustible dusts OSHA has revised the original Combustible … Read More

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